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Send It Society is always looking to help programs in need of raising additional funds.

Whether your team desperately needs new equipment, music program needs funding for instruments, an elective is looking to fund a trip or your non-profit needs a new way to drive donations, we want to help you make that happen!

Going door-to-door selling candles, chocolates, cookies and even mattresses can be extremely difficult at and not always the most beneficial or monetarily effective way to raise the funds you need.

This program is available to all verified group (public or private) causes such as non-profits, athletic clubs, arts programs, church groups, school activities/functions & so forth. 

Please apply below!

How Does It Work?

Send It Society is proud to offer what we believe to be an incredibly effective and efficient fundraiser that doesn’t require going door to door, buying your product in advance or making a minimum profit.

100% of proceeds driven by your fundraising will be given back to you.

We will give you a custom code to distribute during your fundraising methods as well as additional marketing supplies to enhance your efforts. For free!

Simple example! If your fundraising campaign code is used by 100 different patrons, approximately $2,500 will be raised for your cause!

Sounds Great!

Where Do We Begin?

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Develop Your Strategy

 We will tailor an individual plan around your group's needs and start raising funds!

What qualifies to be a fundraiser?
I need to raise money for college and a vacation this summer, does that qualify?
Our friend is in need of raising funds for medical reasons, can we apply?
I don’t get it. How do we raise money?
Why does this work better than selling cookies or candles?